See Sadie Sleep!!

Here is Sadie sleeping on the cable box. Here is Sadie sleeping on ……To understand Sadie is to know the mind of the cat goddess who decided to put everything strange and wonderful about felines into this little fuzz ball. A watermelon with fur. A football with a tail. She’s been described in as many different ways as there are people in our neighborhood who she has befriended.

To go back to the beginning will use waaay more space and time allotted for here. We will be posting the amazing story of Sadie’s rescue in due time. For now, let’s just focus on one aspect, her sleeping habits, out of the many that make this ten pound nut job stuffed into an eight pound package so beguiling, charming, frustrating but always wonderful.

When the day is done, and Sadie has done her rounds, it’s time for bed. Sadie’s day begins at about 4 am when she takes a walk with our neighbor as he heads down the street to the store for coffee. We never thought it too unusual because Paul is a genuine “cat whisperer”, so for Sadie to have taken as shine to him seemed perfectly natural. But we’ve been coming to learn, slowly but surely, that Sadie has befriended a lot more people, duping them into giving her fawning attention and snacks, if available.

A great example is our neighbor Vivian, one of those self-proclaimed “afraid to death of cats” person. But Sadie found a way to exploit Vivian’s weakness for all things cute. Sadie, you must understand, is a small cat. She has a compact body with tiny, stubby legs. On top of that she has very large eyes so that she looks like, for all intents and purposes, a large kitten, as opposed to a small cat!! Unfortunately, her photos don’t do her justice. Maybe we need a better camera. Maybe we need a better camera-man!! Regardless, we’re gonna do our best to improve Sadie’s public persona!

So Vivian has taken to calling her Ms. Moots (??!!) and instead of being afraid, is compelled to put her hand out and let Sadie do all kinds of rubbing! We were amazed! Things became clearer, however, when Vivian confessed to providing Sadie with leftover bits of “soul food” whenever Sadie “happens” to be on the porch to which Viv’s apartment opens up!

We’ve also come to discover Sadie has manipulated boy twins who pass by our house after school. There’s also Paul’s wife. We’re sure there’s more and we’ll let you know after we’ve assembled the whole cast of characters!

Anyway, you can imagine how busy Sadie is between four in the morning and bed time. Which is when things get interesting for us, anyway, as we’re always in a state of suspense, wondering where she will sleep. We’ve recently started paying attention, added to which our recollection of her sleeping habits and have discovered there’s a pattern. Sadie sleeps somewhere new about every week and a half to two weeks. For example, starting the middle of last week, my wife was “chosen”. Sadie decided her lap was deemed worthy. However, Sadie insists that my wife’s legs have the comforter over them. So, in order to please little miss perfect, my poor wife is covered from toe to chest with a winter blanket AND a ten pound fur coat. A ten pound fur coat that, if God forbid Amy needs to get up for anything, will swipe, gripe and guilt you into thinking you’re evil for having inconvenienced her. This usually means that by morning my wife is a sweaty mess with a bladder ready to explode!!

Other places Sadie has claimed are the top of the cable box (see photos), the shelf where we (used to) keep our coffee cups in the kitchen, a bag of clean laundry that needs to be unloaded but better not be touched because it’s now Sadie’s bed, and other places that she has to know make our lives difficult when she chooses them. Why else would she??!!

We can go on and on about Sadie, because she drives us crazy and we love her more and more each day, either in spite of it, because of it, or some combination! We would love to hear your stories about any daily “battles” that go on with your cats, claiming what’s yours, in any capacity! And the more pics the better!! Thanks for listening and if anyone has a cat bed they think we can trick Sadie into thinking is good enough for her, please send it on!!


About bigsexybob

We are a family of 12 cats...well, really 10 and 2 feline friends who visit frequently: Bob; Sadie; Jazzy; Huxley; Hennessey; Addie; JoJo; Lola; Dopey; Mr. Magoo; Dante and Vic
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34 Responses to See Sadie Sleep!!

  1. The Meezers says:

    Sadie you are adorable – and cable boxes are FURRY warm!!!!! Fanks for coming to mine purrfday party!!! – Miles

  2. The Meezers says:

    haf you been to the cat blogosphere site? you can meet all kinds of nice felines there and leave a link to your posts too!

  3. heh heh. We like Sadie! A moocher AND a (bed) scootcher! You could start a pool and we could place bets on the next sleeping spot.

    • bigsexybob says:

      Hey, great idea! We thought she’d tried out most of the cat-accessible & acceptable spots but then 2 days ago she was sleeping on the shelf where we keep our dishes!

  4. Brian says:

    Sadie looks darn comfy no matter what spot is in play! Hey, the Meezers are right, check out the Cat Blogosphere, it’s a great way to meet others and see what’s happening…check it daily!

    • bigsexybob says:

      Yep, Sadie has that cat ability to make herself comfortable whatever spot she chooses to sleep. Thank you for the info about the Cat Blogosphere, it sounds like a great spot & we’ll be checking it out!

  5. Hello there, new furiends! So great to meet your wonderful, large feline family! Thanks for stopping by our blogs. By the way, Maggie May is our sister, but she has her very own special blog, which is where the giveaway is being held. Best of luck to you!

    • bigsexybob says:

      Thank you for letting us know about Maggie May, she’s adorable and a sweetie so I see why she has her own blog! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  6. fivecats says:

    Sounds like Sadie has everyone her little paw.

    • fivecats says:

      a grammar correction … Sadie has everyone around her little paw.

      • bigsexybob says:

        No worries, I leave a trail of typos behind me!

        Sadie sure does have plenty of people wrapped around her little paw, especially us…she gets very irritable when she doesn’t get her way. lol

  7. CCL Wendy says:

    Thanks for coming to visit Dante!

    Your Sadie is absolutely adorable, with a highly-snorglable tummy! She certain is a very social little thing. Something like my Domino who will greet any stranger and offer her belly for a pat.

    By the way, you’ve got me curious now — how big is Bob — in pounds? Dante weighs around 21 lbs. and is quite tall, befitting a Maine Coon cat. Therein the reason for the plumy tail, as well.

    I’m a sucker for ginger tabbies, so Bob is just up my alley!

    • bigsexybob says:

      What a sweetie Domino is! Sadie isn’t quite that good with people until she really knows them.

      Maine Coons are beautiful cats but I’ve never seen one like Dante, his fur is a gorgeous color…our vet didn’t think Bob was a Maine Coon especially because he doesn’t have a tail, just a little stub. Bob’s a little bigger/heavier than Dante but not much. Bob weighs about 25 pounds! Bob’s the first ginger tabby we’ve had but I’ve always loved them.

      Thank you for stopping by. We’ll be back to visit very soon!

  8. Hi! It’s nice to meetcha…we haf a Sadie here too, she likes to sleep in some odd places but usually da same ones. Zippy is old and cranky, well, she used to be really cranky but she’s softening in her old age. Speedy is our big mancat. He’s da peacemaker in da fambly. 20 pounds of love and pashents.

    • bigsexybob says:

      Speedy’s a handsome mancat. It sounds like he has a personality similar to Bob’s…Bob is big but a real sweetie (most of the time!). We have a cranky kitty, too. It’s good that Zippy has mellowed a bit in her older age. I hope our Jazzy does in a few years. Your Sadie and Speedy look like they have the similar patterned fur except Sadie is black & white and Speedy is gray & white.
      Thank you for visiting…we’ll stop by soon!

  9. Sadie, you are one cool kitty! I like to sit in my Mommeh’s lap, too, and I always prefer a blanket underneath (and we live in south Florida)! It is just more comfy that way. Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

  10. bigsexybob says:

    It sounds like Daisy has similar comfort tastes to Sadie…if I lived in Florida, though, I couldn’t have a blanket over my legs! Sadie would have to accept my legs or find a different spot! Probably by the time it gets hot & humid here she’ll have found some where else to sleep!

  11. Sadie, we know you like sleeping on that box because it’s warm!! I like sleeping on the dryer when it’s running!! Talk about warm!!


    • bigsexybob says:

      Oooo Ernie, the dryer is a great idea. There isn’t one here but Jazzy knows where there’s one!
      Sadie and Jazzy fight over the cable box because it’s warm but also because it’s one of the highest sleeping spots in that room! They’re both so stubborn that they sit on the cable box together cuz neither one will cede to the other!

  12. Athena says:

    Exactly why I like sleeping on the computer — it’s warm like the cable box! You are one cute kitty, Sadie!

    • bigsexybob says:

      Sadie loves to hear how cute she is..she can be coy and she preens…
      We’re surprised she doesn’t sleep on the computer. Last week she started sleeping on the key board…we don’t know why, it’s not warm. She must like the way it feels under her!

  13. Mark's Mews says:

    The outdoor lives of cats is amazing. We wish all of them could have a camera to record their adventures.

    • bigsexybob says:

      We just enjoyed part 3 of Marley’s adventure outdoors! He looked like he was having a lot of fun.
      The camera idea is great. We watched a segment of the show “Cats 101” …a couple put a camera around their cats neck and set it to take photos at intervals while he wondered around outside for the day! The pics were fun to look at. I really want to do that with some of our cats but they won’t even wear collars!

  14. Thank you for visiting and commenting on our blog. It’s nice to meet you, we always like to meet new blogging kitties. Sadie sounds like a cat who knows what’s what and how to get it.

    • bigsexybob says:

      That’s Sadie to a “T”! She’s cute and funny but also pushy and assertive. Her tempre flares quickly when she doesn’t get what she wants as soon as she wants it!
      It’s fantastic meeting all the new kitties around the blogging community! We enjoyed your blog & will be back to visit again!

  15. Sadie, I is a little cat too. One of my nicknames is itty bitty kitty. I use looking adorable to stay out of trouble even when I gets in Mommy’s flowerbeds, although she did squirt me with the hose the other day, I must find a suitable punishment for that. We has a very comfortable cat bed that I sometimes make use of. ~Artemisia

    (Sigh) Artemisia rules the roost. ~Her sibling, Socks, Scylla & Fenris (the big woofie who is her best friends and willing slave)

  16. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Thanks for stopping by our Fuzzy Tales blog (we’re on a break this week) and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We almost deleted your comment as spam even before reading it, though, just from your account name, “bigsexybob”. LOL.

    Sadie, somehow we get the feeling your humans don’t yet fully realize that everything belongs to us; we just permit our human servants use of certain things, when we’re so inclined. 😉

    -Nicki and Derry

  17. We came by to meet the family and what a large crew it is. Of course, what we don’t have in numbers, we make up for in size. Sadie sounds like quite a character. But starting the day at 4 am? No wonder when she conks out, she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

  18. The Crew says:

    Hi everyone. We read about you over at The Cat Blogosphere and wanted to welcome you to our cat blogging community.

    My, what a large family. And we thought we had lots of cats!

    Stop over and see us some time

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty (the resident cats
    Tiger, Cricket & Gino (the visiting cats)

  19. cindy dodd says:

    Wonderful post! Especially with your poor wife’s bladder!

  20. Sadie seems to have purrfected napping 101!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  21. Sarah K. says:

    Sadie looks so happy on the cable box! My childhood cat used to do that too. As for beds, our rescue, Sophie, loves her cat tent! She can curl up in it and still see what is going on around her. Best of all, it is too small for Teddy to get into, so it is her own personal space where she feels safe.

  22. Lotta's ullisar says:

    So totally relaxed on the hard cabelbox-bed 🙂
    Sadie seems like a loveable cat.

    I had a cat who always slept in my bed, often beside my head or next to my feet. But once when she had had a surgery and was still dizzy when it was bedtime she crept under the blanket and lay put to me. I didn’t sleep that night, but wow, I got warm. I usually put extra blankets because I’m freezing, but didn’t have to that night. I can imagine what your wife’s nights are like 🙂


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