Sadie, Come Home…Please

Dear Friends,

 We have not posted recently because all our time has been devoted to trying to find Sadie. She went missing sometime on Sunday the 15th.  We found no evidence of anything “bad” (after looking up and down along the road, etc…I don’t think I need to be more detailed/graphic than that), but neither have we found any indication of what happened to her.  Maybe she just went on an adventure and will return when she’s bored?  We keep waiting for her little body to pop up on our window sill, hear the little happy chirp sound she makes and watch her hop in and go over to the food bowls, but so far nothing.  It’s been raining off and on for the last two days, too, which isn’t good. It may hamper Sadie making her way home and it impedes our search for her a little bit.

     I (Scott) have been staying awake past 2 am in hopes of seeing her return.  Eventually exhaustion takes over, especially after traipsing around the neighborhood on my bum legs three or four times a day.   But I need to do something, even if it doesn’t make sense to do it.  Today we created a flier and have begun passing it around.  If and when the bad weather stops, we will post them on telephone poles, etc.  If we still need to, though of course we are hoping that won’t be the case.

    Amy’s gone to Craig’s list and other web sites, but we welcome any other suggestions anyone out there might have.  It may be hard to imagine in a house that has nine cats already, but without Sadie, there’s a very tangible vaccum.   A pall hangs over this house, a sense of urgency and helplessness, a sadness and frustration that comes from not knowing.  From what happens when your mind goes to places you wish you could keep it from exploring.  We wouldn’t wish this kind of emptiness on anyone. It’s engulfing our usually lively spirits like a black hole. 

We spend so much time trying to make Sadie happy – and it isn’t easy.  We try to anticipate what food she’ll like on any given day as her tastes are always changing!  What flavor treats she’ll want because if you give her the wrong kind, she’ll be insulted and start covering it up like she would in her “sand box”!  We’ve come to call it the “litter dance”!  If she wants to sleep on Amy, it’s imperative that Amy’s legs be covered with the quilt or Sadie will find somewhere else, and heaven forbid Sadie should have to settle!  So Amy will bow to her wishes and wind up with a happy Sadie as poor Amy sweats through the night!

Why would anyone let a cat dictate so much of how they live? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, or at least not nearly so severe?  Well, we’ll tell you: it’s not just because Sadie is probably the cutes adult cat we’ve ever seen (her photos do NOT do her justice, for some reason). It’s not because she’s 10 pounds of crazy in an 8 pound sack -she’s fearless and has so much cat-itude it defies reason!  For example, she has decided that whenever Bob is nearby (and you could, literally, fit THREE Sadies into Bob) that he is to be tortured, yelled at and whapped until he flees for safety! No, we think the real reason is because Sadie has taught us more than any other cat the joy and satisfaction that comes from animal rescue. 

When I found her on the sidewalk, she was half dead, almost eaten alive by fleas. Within twenty four hours of taking her in she seized up twice and fell over.  But she has so much fight in her, so much spirit, she refused to give up.  Every day for the next few months when I came home from work, she made it a point to curl up in the crick of my arm and fall into a peaceful dreamless sleep.  She let us bathe her and medicate her.  For a long time it seemed like her life would basically be one of inactivity until one day she just “woke up” and lived every day like a kitten, running, playing and eating as if everything around her was to be taken advantage of and utilitzed.  That became something we would not only always remember, but  forever feel in our hearts.


About bigsexybob

We are a family of 12 cats...well, really 10 and 2 feline friends who visit frequently: Bob; Sadie; Jazzy; Huxley; Hennessey; Addie; JoJo; Lola; Dopey; Mr. Magoo; Dante and Vic
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15 Responses to Sadie, Come Home…Please

  1. Oh gosh, we’z all purring and purraying dat Sadie finds her way back home! We’ll ask her guardian angel to show her the way…

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  3. We are purrring and praying for Sadie to come home!! When the weather breaks put some thing of hers outside so she can smell it!
    Your TX furiends,

  4. We are so sorry to hear this noos. We are gonna purr and purr for Sadie to come home safely. Smoochies.

  5. Everycat says:

    We are so sorry to read that sweet Sadie is missing, we are sending loud rumbly purrs for her to come home immediately. In the meantime, I know it sounds a bit mad, but if you can collect the dust bunnies from your vacuum cleaner and empty them outside your home at dusk/dawn (when smells travel best) then it might just give her directions to get home to you. We known this work for lost cats in the UK. The dust contains all of your home smells that she knows and smells do travel very far. Also, if you haven’t already, you could ring around all the vet officies in your area and also the local shelters to see if Sadie has been found and reported or taken in to them.

    Now, Sadie, if you are logged in at a net cafe or similar, please come home straight away, your humans are very worried about you dear!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. Jacqueline says:

    I am so sorry to hear this terrible news; I know your pain (Jax, on my sidebar, Mommy Cat/Daddy Cat’s son, disappeared from my front porch almost 4 years ago and I still miss that boy everyday/The family of three were so special together and I never found his body…Put hundreds of flyers through the neighborhood, at vets offices and at convenience stores around the area, checked the pound every other day for 2 months…MC/DC now live in my air conditioned/heated garage, after 10 years as outside kitties, they prefer it to being inside the house)…There is always hope; Mommy Cat used to stay gone 4-5 days sometimes and just stroll into the garage ok, acting like she never left, but after a few days, I knew Jax was different; it is very possible the weather is keeping Sadie from leaving a safe, cozy spot=MC did that a lot…Don’t give up and best of luck finding beautiful Sadie; I will certainly keep you guys and precious Sadie in my thoughts and prayers…Sending love and big hugs…J
    PS…We hope she is on a wild adventure and will be purring for her safe return…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki, MC, DC

  7. We are purring for Sadie to come home. If you haven’t already call the animal shelter they may have picked her up or someone may have brought her in. They do not always call you even if your pet is microchipped and she may have lost her collar if she has one. Also call local vets, someone may have taken her to one. Flyers are a good idea.

    Please don’t give up hope. Socks came home after being missing for a week. And Whiskers was missing for two weeks when he came home.

  8. You can count on our purrs and prayers until Sadie safely finds her way back home to you. The purrs and prayers of the CB are very powerful! (((HUGS)))

  9. Fuzzy Tales says:

    We’re sending purrs and purrayers that Sadie comes home soon, safe and sound!

  10. The Meezers says:

    oh we are so very very sorry that Sadie is missing. We will purrrrrrr and purrray that she returns home very very soon. {{HUGS}} to all of you

  11. Oh we are purring that Sadie comes home soon! Yes, put up flyers, knock on neighbors’ doors and ask if they’ve seen her, contact local shelters or veterinarians to see if someone found her and turned her in. Our neighbor’s cat got out and went missing for about a week. Turned out she got locked in another neighbor’s garage who then went away for a few days and the poor cat couldn’t get out. It could be Sadie got locked in somewhere. So check with neighbors…you just never know.

  12. The Crew says:

    We see that others have suggested what we were going to say, so we’ll just purr for Sadie to come home.

  13. Purring for Sadie to come home!

  14. Mary Anne says:

    Please take a look at one of my websites and also check the links page. for ideas on what to do to find Sadie. Good luck-

  15. Oh, no, we came by to leave purrs and tail wags that Sadie will soon be home again. It doesn’t matter how many animals you have, each one is different and special, so when one is missing, the house feels “empty.”

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