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Sad News

About noon today, Thursday, June 30th, our little Sadie was run over. Words can’t express the loss and the emptiness that pervades this house, our lives and our hearts. When we have recovered enough (one never recovers fully from these … Continue reading

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Who are these people…?

What?! Who…?! Why are all these strangers coming into our house? Mommy and Daddy are saying “relax..they’re from the Housing Dept, here to check on some complaints the upstairs neighbors made”…. Well, we don’t care why they’re here….we don’t recognize … Continue reading

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Some Funny Pics of Bob Just for the Fun of It (which is why we’re here!)!!


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This just in….warm weather wreaks havoc with kitty kat attendance

 Summer’s here and the time is right…for disappearing!! Hours on end!!  Every night it seems one of us is asking the other: “have you seen Jazzy?” or “when’s the last time you saw Hennessey?”  Since the weather pulled its dramatic 360 … Continue reading

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