This just in….warm weather wreaks havoc with kitty kat attendance

 Summer’s here and the time is right…for disappearing!! Hours on end!!  Every night it seems one of us is asking the other: “have you seen Jazzy?” or “when’s the last time you saw Hennessey?”  Since the weather pulled its dramatic 360 about a week ago, shifting from winter to mid-summer pretty much overnight, (most of) our little furry ones are taking advantage. They head out and stay out at every chance. 

There are still a few homebodies…Lola stays close.  So does Bob – but that’s for the food. Huxley doesn’t wander too far, but that’s because he needs to be picked up and talked to like a baby every two hours or so.  Otherwise, let’s see, yesterday it was Hennessey, who popped in once at 8 am and then managed to stay away for another twelve-plus hours!  She finally hopped in when it was dark, grabbed a few mouthfuls of crunchies, then out the window she went again!

The day before that we lost track of TWO of the brood: Mr. Magoo was nowhere to be found, but we couldn’t help but laugh when he appeared not from outside but from under the bed!!  Addie was another story.  We had just about convinced ourselves she must be under the bed too.  But soon we were just about out of our minds with worry after checking there over and over and taking a few quick trips around the neighborhood to no avail.  Then, BOOM! suddenly, she appeared like a horse clearing a steeplechase as she leapt gracefully through the window, meowing and running to both of us for some mushing, finally making her way to some much needed food.  What had happened? Was she trapped in someone’s house? She’d been gone for over twelve hours.

Once it gets dark, Bob likes to go out for a few hours later at night.  He especially likes to go out the back door of our building. There’s a deck and small garden.  Bob likes to cross the deck and stop just before the steps down to the garden. He stops, looks around and then plops down for a rest!  An hour or so later, he’s sitting in the little front yard, watching life go by, enjoying the breeze (if there is one!).  Generally, the cats go in and out through the window into our front room.  Not Bob, though…if he can help it.  He waits, hoping one of us, (it’s usually Scott), opens the front door and he can saunter in, pride in tact. He much prefers this to hauling himself up and scrambling in the window, a maneuver which is rather humiliating and strips poor Bob of all grace and elegance. Bob only takes these little trips outside in the warm weather.  Fall and Winter finds Bob inside, the closest to the outdoors he gets  is staring out the window!


About bigsexybob

We are a family of 12 cats...well, really 10 and 2 feline friends who visit frequently: Bob; Sadie; Jazzy; Huxley; Hennessey; Addie; JoJo; Lola; Dopey; Mr. Magoo; Dante and Vic
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3 Responses to This just in….warm weather wreaks havoc with kitty kat attendance

  1. Mr Puddy says:

    MOL… Bob have a really good try !!! Look at the last photo, his belly is hanging !!!

  2. I am the only one here who wants to stay out at night. When I can get out, I usally am waiting on the deck the next morning. But I have stayed outside (often within sight) for 2 nights. Iza an Marley are always happy ta come in when called. They are NOT adventurous like I am.


  3. fivecats says:

    We, too, made the overnight transition from semi-winter to summer. The only traveling that is permitted is from the indoors into the fully-enclosed patio and the greenhouse.

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