This blog is a work-in-progress but, in a word it’s all about Cats. Their lives, adventures, needs and care.

The majority of posts will center around a specific group of cats in NYC whom, after varying experiences living on the streets, are now living together under one roof: the Feline Family! This family consists of, namely, Bob (the biggest cat in the whole wide world), Lola, Huxley, Hennessey, Jazzy, Dopey, Sadie, Mr. Magoo, Addie and JoJo.  Lola is the only cat who hasn’t lived on the street. She was in, fact, born here! Her mom, Betsy, was a rescue cat, who, sadly, died much too young.

There are some other cats who don’t live with the Feline Family, by choice, but visit periodically (dictated by tummy gurgles and need for cat nip fixes!).  The two most frequent visitors are Dante and Vic.  Their stories and adventures will be told as will those of any and all  cats who drop by!

The Feline Family is at full capacity now but there are still plenty of homeless cats on the streets who need good homes.  We’ll tell you about the cats who’ve been adopted into good homes in the past few years and those we’re able to place during the life of this blog.

This blog, then, is about raising awareness of animal rescue.  We’ll share the adventures of the cats we’ve personally saved from the streets, and tell you how they’ve enriched our lives in countless ways!


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  1. Wow, your feline family reminds us a lot of our own! Our kitties are all rescues who were pulled off the streets. Great to meet you all!

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