Sadie, Come Home…Please

Dear Friends,

 We have not posted recently because all our time has been devoted to trying to find Sadie. She went missing sometime on Sunday the 15th.  We found no evidence of anything “bad” (after looking up and down along the road, etc…I don’t think I need to be more detailed/graphic than that), but neither have we found any indication of what happened to her.  Maybe she just went on an adventure and will return when she’s bored?  We keep waiting for her little body to pop up on our window sill, hear the little happy chirp sound she makes and watch her hop in and go over to the food bowls, but so far nothing.  It’s been raining off and on for the last two days, too, which isn’t good. It may hamper Sadie making her way home and it impedes our search for her a little bit.

     I (Scott) have been staying awake past 2 am in hopes of seeing her return.  Eventually exhaustion takes over, especially after traipsing around the neighborhood on my bum legs three or four times a day.   But I need to do something, even if it doesn’t make sense to do it.  Today we created a flier and have begun passing it around.  If and when the bad weather stops, we will post them on telephone poles, etc.  If we still need to, though of course we are hoping that won’t be the case.

    Amy’s gone to Craig’s list and other web sites, but we welcome any other suggestions anyone out there might have.  It may be hard to imagine in a house that has nine cats already, but without Sadie, there’s a very tangible vaccum.   A pall hangs over this house, a sense of urgency and helplessness, a sadness and frustration that comes from not knowing.  From what happens when your mind goes to places you wish you could keep it from exploring.  We wouldn’t wish this kind of emptiness on anyone. It’s engulfing our usually lively spirits like a black hole. 

We spend so much time trying to make Sadie happy – and it isn’t easy.  We try to anticipate what food she’ll like on any given day as her tastes are always changing!  What flavor treats she’ll want because if you give her the wrong kind, she’ll be insulted and start covering it up like she would in her “sand box”!  We’ve come to call it the “litter dance”!  If she wants to sleep on Amy, it’s imperative that Amy’s legs be covered with the quilt or Sadie will find somewhere else, and heaven forbid Sadie should have to settle!  So Amy will bow to her wishes and wind up with a happy Sadie as poor Amy sweats through the night!

Why would anyone let a cat dictate so much of how they live? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, or at least not nearly so severe?  Well, we’ll tell you: it’s not just because Sadie is probably the cutes adult cat we’ve ever seen (her photos do NOT do her justice, for some reason). It’s not because she’s 10 pounds of crazy in an 8 pound sack -she’s fearless and has so much cat-itude it defies reason!  For example, she has decided that whenever Bob is nearby (and you could, literally, fit THREE Sadies into Bob) that he is to be tortured, yelled at and whapped until he flees for safety! No, we think the real reason is because Sadie has taught us more than any other cat the joy and satisfaction that comes from animal rescue. 

When I found her on the sidewalk, she was half dead, almost eaten alive by fleas. Within twenty four hours of taking her in she seized up twice and fell over.  But she has so much fight in her, so much spirit, she refused to give up.  Every day for the next few months when I came home from work, she made it a point to curl up in the crick of my arm and fall into a peaceful dreamless sleep.  She let us bathe her and medicate her.  For a long time it seemed like her life would basically be one of inactivity until one day she just “woke up” and lived every day like a kitten, running, playing and eating as if everything around her was to be taken advantage of and utilitzed.  That became something we would not only always remember, but  forever feel in our hearts.

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See Sadie Sleep!!

Here is Sadie sleeping on the cable box. Here is Sadie sleeping on ……To understand Sadie is to know the mind of the cat goddess who decided to put everything strange and wonderful about felines into this little fuzz ball. A watermelon with fur. A football with a tail. She’s been described in as many different ways as there are people in our neighborhood who she has befriended.

To go back to the beginning will use waaay more space and time allotted for here. We will be posting the amazing story of Sadie’s rescue in due time. For now, let’s just focus on one aspect, her sleeping habits, out of the many that make this ten pound nut job stuffed into an eight pound package so beguiling, charming, frustrating but always wonderful.

When the day is done, and Sadie has done her rounds, it’s time for bed. Sadie’s day begins at about 4 am when she takes a walk with our neighbor as he heads down the street to the store for coffee. We never thought it too unusual because Paul is a genuine “cat whisperer”, so for Sadie to have taken as shine to him seemed perfectly natural. But we’ve been coming to learn, slowly but surely, that Sadie has befriended a lot more people, duping them into giving her fawning attention and snacks, if available.

A great example is our neighbor Vivian, one of those self-proclaimed “afraid to death of cats” person. But Sadie found a way to exploit Vivian’s weakness for all things cute. Sadie, you must understand, is a small cat. She has a compact body with tiny, stubby legs. On top of that she has very large eyes so that she looks like, for all intents and purposes, a large kitten, as opposed to a small cat!! Unfortunately, her photos don’t do her justice. Maybe we need a better camera. Maybe we need a better camera-man!! Regardless, we’re gonna do our best to improve Sadie’s public persona!

So Vivian has taken to calling her Ms. Moots (??!!) and instead of being afraid, is compelled to put her hand out and let Sadie do all kinds of rubbing! We were amazed! Things became clearer, however, when Vivian confessed to providing Sadie with leftover bits of “soul food” whenever Sadie “happens” to be on the porch to which Viv’s apartment opens up!

We’ve also come to discover Sadie has manipulated boy twins who pass by our house after school. There’s also Paul’s wife. We’re sure there’s more and we’ll let you know after we’ve assembled the whole cast of characters!

Anyway, you can imagine how busy Sadie is between four in the morning and bed time. Which is when things get interesting for us, anyway, as we’re always in a state of suspense, wondering where she will sleep. We’ve recently started paying attention, added to which our recollection of her sleeping habits and have discovered there’s a pattern. Sadie sleeps somewhere new about every week and a half to two weeks. For example, starting the middle of last week, my wife was “chosen”. Sadie decided her lap was deemed worthy. However, Sadie insists that my wife’s legs have the comforter over them. So, in order to please little miss perfect, my poor wife is covered from toe to chest with a winter blanket AND a ten pound fur coat. A ten pound fur coat that, if God forbid Amy needs to get up for anything, will swipe, gripe and guilt you into thinking you’re evil for having inconvenienced her. This usually means that by morning my wife is a sweaty mess with a bladder ready to explode!!

Other places Sadie has claimed are the top of the cable box (see photos), the shelf where we (used to) keep our coffee cups in the kitchen, a bag of clean laundry that needs to be unloaded but better not be touched because it’s now Sadie’s bed, and other places that she has to know make our lives difficult when she chooses them. Why else would she??!!

We can go on and on about Sadie, because she drives us crazy and we love her more and more each day, either in spite of it, because of it, or some combination! We would love to hear your stories about any daily “battles” that go on with your cats, claiming what’s yours, in any capacity! And the more pics the better!! Thanks for listening and if anyone has a cat bed they think we can trick Sadie into thinking is good enough for her, please send it on!!

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Cutes pics of kitties past and present

Addie and JoJo, together again! (I mean, as usual!)

MOSES cleans his own FOOT!!

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Tails in the Tub!

When our cats get bored or even thirsty, some of them find solutions in the bathroom!

Mr. Magoo is comfortable in the sink!

Lola enjoys sleeping in the bathroom!

Some of the kitties like the toilet:

Bob really loves the Tub!

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Make the fleas flee

First, I’d like to apologize for not having posted sooner. I’ve been meaning to but, surprise surprise, there was either a cat on the desk chair or the keyboard, or both!, whenever I had a notion to do some writing.  Not being able to wait any longer, as I write this I’m standing up, looking down at a 3/4 covered-by-Sadie chair.  The 1/4 that’s left is just not enough room for this butt o’mine. Sigh.  I do think I’m onto something totally by mistake though: typing while standing leads to massive carpal tunnel! OW, my wrists!

Anyhoo, a routine check of the mail turned up the package of flea meds we ordered a few days ago.   So I made up my checklist and started administering: Bob, no problem.  Dopey, a cinch.  Sadie, piece o’cake.  All the way down the line until….cue the ominous music…Jazzy was next.

This cat has an eerie sixth sense.  She just seems to know, as soon as she bounds in the window, that something is up.  “Normally”, she’d expect to be fed, stick around for some cat nip and occasionally let me pick her up for a while, then sleep on the cable box. Last night, however, she was avoiding me like the plague.  I don’t know how she knew, but she did.  Anyway, I tracked her down, picked her up and got her onto the bed where Amy was waiting to dispense the medicine.  It’s .5 ml in a syringe (no needle!) – part the hair and let the meds soak into the skin in between the cats’ shoulders. It’s painless. But Jazzy turns the whole thing into some ordeal because she’s being “controlled” for all of what should be five seconds.  Of course it becomes a minute long trial with hard core squirming and claws slashing.  When it was all over, and thanks to Amy’s patience and determination, the medicine was successfully dispensed, I had to find the neosporin! I’ve got two long gashes on one had and another on the other wrist! 

But that’s how important it is to keep your fuzzy wuzzies protected from fleas and ticks.   Sometimes you gotta take one (or, in my case, three) for the team.  We have an upstairs neighbor, and though she’s only eight years old, seems to be able to do what I can’t. That is, she has a difficult cat, too, but she corrals him in one fluid motion that she’s gonna have to teach me.  I only saw it once, and it happened so fast, all I remember was that it involved a neck scruff and swooping/scooping motion!!  Blessed are the children!

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Meet the Feline Family!

Hi cat lovers and all visitors! Welcome to our Blog, The Feline Family!

Our home is a refuge for cats who were previously living on the streets of Brooklyn and wanted & needed a home. One by one they came and, if the cat wanted to live in a home with humans and wasn’t adopted by someone else, the cat stayed with us. A couple of cats have chosen not to stay but visit regularly for food, catnip, a place to keep dry and warm and, occasionally, to engage in a catfight or a less destructive cat “argument“. All of the cats currently in our Feline Family are pictured on the sidebar at the right. Without further delay, here they are:

Starting with the blog header photo, as well as the sixth photo down on the sidebar, say hi to Bob, the biggest cat in the whole wide world! He’s the orange guy with no tail (hence the name!) Our vet liked him and, since of course he was so very charming, she dubbed him “Big Sexy Bob“! Bob is seriously addicted to catnip. loves the stuff. If we’re lucky, once in a while, he takes his head out of the catnip container long enough for us to snap a photo! Sometimes he doesn’t take his head out and we have documented proof. We’ll show you one day soon! Bob’s favorite activities are eating and sleeping (no surprise considering the catnip thing, and that, he’s a cat!). He’s very good at both! Bob has a very sweet nature and he’s very popular with the ladies! They want to be with him, guys want to be him. He can be very shy and gets scared easily, perhaps proving that maybe size doesn’t matter!

Moving on, the little black beauty with the big eyes is Lola. Aside from concentrated Plutonium, she is the most energetic thing in the universe! She loves to play and looks for any opportunity to be active. Lola would rather play than eat! Honestly! Lola’s the baby of our group and the only cat that was born here. She has three brothers who we found homes for as it was just too much for us and the other cats to handle! We were worried Lola would be sad when her brother left. Instead, her personality blossomed! Sadly, her mom, Betsy, died several months ago. Betsy was rescued out of a tree across the street after she climbed it and couldn’t get down. We miss her every day. (We’ll be posting an “in memoriam” section soon.)

Next down there’s Mr. Magoo, a very sweet tabby with crossed eyes, but shhh! don’t tell him! He doesn’t know! MM was very quiet when he came to us after his first mom had no way to take care of him after an apartment fire. Originally named “sleepy”(our theory was that his first owner was too old to really play with him), he’s now very lively and “talks” a lot! He’s also the meet and greet cat of the family, as he’s extremely friendly to all visitors. The young female cats love to play with him!

The next photo under Mr. Magoo is Jazzy. She’s been around just about as long as any of the cats! Jazzy is a beautiful black cat with a coat that’s shiny and sleek to go with her piercing green eyes. I guess that’s to match her piercing claws because Jazzy does not like attention unless SHE demands it! So don’t get too close! Trust us, we have the healing scratch marks to prove it! Especially after one of her forays into the cat nip! Then she gets so excited she becomes something of another animal altogether, as evidenced by her new-found language in which she says, over and over, and I quote: “Woof!” Jazzy is our resident female curmudgeon. But she has her moments when, every once in a while, she’ll climb up and start purring, letting you know  about to be rewarded with a serious moosh session.

Huxley is the first of the two white cats. Our other white cat, Hennessey is here, too, but her pic is a little lower in the list. She’s the one with her head peeking out of the cat tree cubby-hole! They are siblings and they’ve been around as long as Jazzy. They’re both white with grey spots. Huxley is a homebody and craves attention and a scaredy-cat at the same time! Every noise, every person, every cat, everything freaks him out. And he squeaks when he gets upset or excited! Hennessey is more of a loner and prefers living outside. She usually comes by just for the occasional meal and some scritching. If you give her too much attention, she’ll get annoyed and that claw will come at you faster than a speeding Jazzy! The few times I had to pick her up (once for a move and once to bring her for spaying) I had to hold her like a frying pan full of crackling bacon grease: that is, delicately and as far in front of me as possible! When she gets caught in a rainstorm, which she frequently does, she loves to be dried off from her head to the tip of her tail with paper towel.

Those two black fuzzy-wuzzies you see cuddled together are Addie and JoJo. They are the newest members of the Feline Family. “The girls”, as we call them, came about two weeks apart. Since returning from their spaying, they have become inseparable! They sleep together, clean each other, protect each other in cat squabbles… it’s adorable. Never have we felt softer fur, or seen more expressive eyes! They each have some white fur, but Addie has a lot more than JoJo, who has only one small tuft of white on her neck, just like Lola! We seem to be up to it in black-furred cats. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint just which one is driving you crazy at any given moment! These two, however, can usually be found cuddling under the blankets and having a conversation. What they talk about is anyone’s guess, but they are a couple of chatty Kathy’s, that’s for sure! But if you don’t find them under the blanket or at the food bowls, they are out playing. And if you see just one, be patient, because wherever there’s one, the other is always right behind!

There’s another pic of Bob, then the one and only….the show stopper….our inimitable Sadie, our “greatest” rescue story and perhaps the most adorable and temperamental little thing this side of the Atlantic. Since it’s such an epic tale (or should I say, tail?!), Sadie’s story can not be summed up here. So look for her saga in the coming days, complete with photos of her throughout her life, from scrawny-on-the-brink-kitten to the gloriously attitudinal watermelon (she’s become just that: a watermelon with fur, that is) and all the phases in between. Talk about a handful!

Dopey. The D to the O to the P-E-Y, he’s the Dopey, the Dopey, the one and only Dopey! One look at his vacant stare and his never-ending stream of drool and you’ll understand his moniker. All black, big, bulky, cantankerous and always hungry, Dopey is full of life and likes to converse, albeit monosyllabically. If only I knew what he was saying, but if I had to guess, it would probably be somewhere along the lines of “give me steak! Now!”

Rounding off the pics are Dante and Vic the feral boyz in the ‘hood! Dante is a huge tabby and Vic is a huge black and white male. Both have voracious appetites but neither ever spend the night. They come for large portions of food and to partake of cat nip. And while Dante is happy to let you pet him all you want, Vic wants no part of that! The other alpha males (eg; Dopey and Bob) who actually live here don’t like Dante or Vic, and it often becomes necessary to physically separate them from…

We sure hope you will enjoy reading about the cats and looking at photos of their adventures! We have many stories to tell of the Feline Family, as well as about the cats who came before, the cats who are no longer with us and the cats we rescue from the streets and adopt out. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and about you and your cats. If you have a blog or website, please be sure to tell us where to find it and if you don’t, feel free to share your stories, your pics, your thoughts and memories about the special ones in your life here! And please, let us know what you think of ours!! This is meant to be an interactive site so post away! Thanks for coming and sharing! Blog on!

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