Who are these people…?

What?! Who…?! Why are all these strangers coming into our house? Mommy and Daddy are saying “relax..they’re from the Housing Dept, here to check on some complaints the upstairs neighbors made”….

Well, we don’t care why they’re here….we don’t recognize any of them.  And first they send over one guy, then two more a few hours later..then the same thing happens the next day..then two days later?!!  No no no….we don’t like this.  We don’t like this one bit.  So here’s the plan: Bob is going to freeze up, go completely stiff..then look around as if a bomb is about to explode, then take the shortest route to anywhere else…like under the sink as seen here:  

Dopey will stay on his cat tree perch and try and sneeze on them as they pass by…


Sadie will catch their eyes then yell at them, swiping at their clothing as they come near…

Huxley will jump up, hit the floor in a panic and jump out the window….ooops, gotta wait it for it to open…ow, my nose…c’mon..someone..mommy, daddy..OPEN THE DA…ok, thanks..bye…be back hours and hours later…here he is getting ready to make a break for it! 

Lola will chirp and chirp, and hope that they will make the obvious translation: “play with me” and follow through..but they’re working, sweetie…they don’t have time to play…

Mr. Magoo will sidle right up and try to get some scratchin action from them…

Jazzy and Hennessey are nowhere to be found..as usual…they’ll be by later for some nourishment…

Addie and JoJo will continue to sleep undisturbed.  If there’s a fire (and only if it’s one of those raging, out of control, gettin’ real close fires), a black hole forming or an F4 or bigger tornado coming, we can try to wake them, otherwise, they can’t be bothered.

Here they are wondering what all the fuss is about! (Addie’s on the left..u can tell by the white on her chin)

And that’s pretty much the “action” at Chez Feline Family!


About bigsexybob

We are a family of 12 cats...well, really 10 and 2 feline friends who visit frequently: Bob; Sadie; Jazzy; Huxley; Hennessey; Addie; JoJo; Lola; Dopey; Mr. Magoo; Dante and Vic
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3 Responses to Who are these people…?

  1. We’re pretty suspicious of strangers too, except for Grayce. She’s a hussy!

  2. Wow – maybe yoo should all gang up togevver and chase the men owt! from Oliver.

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